Winter Greenhouse Gardening Advice

Posted on 14 October 2011

Winter Greenhouse Gardening Advice

If you have a greenhouse and want to garden in it all winter, here are some things that you should think about, so that your plants will thrive during the cold winter days and nights.

Iced Winter Commercial Greenhouse

Here are some tips that you should think about when gardening in your greenhouse in the winter months:

Roof of a Greenhouse Covered with SnowGreenhouse Gardening Tips in Winter

  • You are probably already aware that you must have the correct temperature is critical to all your plants or vegetables that you are growing.
  • You should make sure that all of the things that are growing in your greenhouse are compatible with each other.
  • This means that you should make certain that you have chosen all of your plants, fruits and vegetables that are in your hobby greenhouse should all need approximately the same amount of heat.
  • One problem that is just about the first on the list is the issue of heating. Your greenhouse can run up your utility bill quite a bit, and that is the main reason why you should make your greenhouse as energy efficient as you can. That is not only a great monetary savings, but it is good for the environment when you use less energy.
  • There are a lot of plants that seem to thrive in the winter months and you should make sure to do some research to find out what these plants are. They even do well of you happen to live in a place that has a very cold climate. This means that you have the possibility of growing all year.


Winter Greenhouse Gardening Snow Advice

Greenhouse Action

After you have cleared your tomatoes from their grow bags or pots, don’t throw out any of the old compost and containers, but be sure to reuse it.

If you happen to keep sulfur candles on hand, then you are going to have to light one of them and put it in the greenhouse and then keep the door closed for at least twelve hours.

  • The fumes from this candle are very potent and will kill just about everything which includes the whitefly and the red spider mite as well as any plants you have forgotten to remove from the greenhouse.
  • You will also want to add a little fertilizer to your compost to enrich it.

Growing Plants in Greenhouses during Winter

More Gardening Advice during the Winter

There are different ways that you are able to boost light levels as well as reduce disease in the winter.

First of all, there is a product that is like silver matting that you can put on the walls of your deeper cold frames as well the floor of your greenhouse.

  • This helps to bounce more warm rays of sunlight around your greenhouse.
  • Open the doors of your greenhouse each day except for very cold days.
  • In order to maximize the amount of sunlight that comes in, make sure to keep the glass or plastic clean.

 Plastic Hothouse in Winter Garden

Homemade Greenhouse Gardening ContainersBest Containers to use

Instead of shelling out money all the time, you can probably make the seed trays that you use from bits of timber.

  • You will be able to make the shelves at least two times the depth of a standard tray instead those that are sold in the store or a garden center.
  • They can be built to a size that will be able to suit your shelves.
  • Some things that are very versatile are deep plastic pots measuring approximately ten inches.
  • They are well suited for carrots, leaves, mint and chives.


Tips for Gardening in Greenhouses during the Winter Season

How do I Know what are the Best Greenhouse Cold Frames?

You should be on the look-out for old glass lights which are timber frames that have glass panes (78 x 150cm).

  • About twenty years ago these panels were used to build glass houses.
  • You may look on Ebay, Google or Craig’s List for a start.
  • You can also find them in the horticultural area of a garden shop.
  • Cold frame greenhouses are very affordable, extremely portable, lightweight, durable, and even efficient, if used correctly. That is something that most people do not know about cold frames. It’s due to the fact that the cold frame has somewhat gone out of style, and has been replaced by growing rack greenhouses and smaller portable greenhouse equipment.

Winter Hot House Greenhouse Covered in Snow

Several Other Tips for Gardening in the winter Season in your Greenhouse

  1. Elevate your Plants – Remember from your science classes that cold air tends to sink to the bottom. Since this is the case, you must raise your greenhouse plants off the ground. Doing this will tend to keep them warmer during those cold winter months so as to prevent any damage.
  2. Try using some benches that are made of either metal or wood you put your plants on in order to keep them warm.
  3. Cover your Plants at Night – There are some plants that are quite sensitive to cold temperatures so what you will want to do is to cover them with sheet foam at night. This will help to keep the warmth in, and then in the morning when it starts to get warm inside your greenhouse you may remove the foam coverings.

Snow Covered Greenhouses in Winter

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