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How to Build a Greenhouse Plans

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The easiest and fastest way to bring a greenhouse to your home or business is to purchase all the supplies needed in a convenient kit.

Unfortunately, these greenhouse kits can be quite expensive when you start adding in the accessories needed to make it functional. Once the kit is delivered, you still have to put it up yourself and make sure everything is secure before you start using it. Luckily for you, this article will teach you how to build a homemade DIY greenhouse kit with these easy plans.


If you are going to do all of the installation yourself and have some basic building skills, why not just create your own greenhouse and save some money?

  • The good news is you don’t have to know how to build a greenhouse right now to pull off this project.
  • Very basic knowledge of building is all you need to make use of greenhouse building plans that can be found easily online.


How to Build a Cold Frame GreenhouseHow to Build a High Tunnel GreenhouseWood Cold Frame Greenhouse Design Picture

Free Online Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse Building PlansThere are some greenhouse building plans that can be found online for free.

  • They are often offered through DIY blogs or websites for companies selling greenhouse accessories online.
  • The problem with a free plan is that they are often in accurate or sometimes may be difficult to follow.
  • They aren’t all guaranteed to be designed by professional builders or designers, so you never know what you will end up with in the end.


Someone very familiar with building may be able to look over a free greenhouse plan and determine its quality, but others won’t know if the instructions are complete or accurate until they run into problems during the building process.

  • That is incredibly frustrating and wastes time and money.


Paid Online Greenhouse Plans

Paid Greenhouse Construction PlansAnother option is to pay for greenhouse plans.

  • You typically get a variety of different plans in one package, which allows you to determine what type of greenhouse you want to build.
  • These plans are rather affordable, but remember you will need to purchase all of the raw materials to completely put your greenhouse together.


If you are going to pay for a greenhouse construction plan, make sure you read this, because they are designed by professionals and are very easy to follow.

  • You can sometimes purchase plans that come in huge sets with plans for many other things as well.
  • This is a great deal if you really like to build.


Backyard Home Made Greenhouse PictureGoing Freestyle

One other option is to figure out the basic supplies needed (look on free plans online) and then put the greenhouse together without a plan.

You may also draw out your own plans, if you have the knowledge and skill to do so.

  • This can save some money, but it typically takes more time as you have to determine who to securely construct the greenhouse so it is exactly what you need.
  • This shouldn’t be attempted if you don’t have the knowledge and building experience to design a structurally sound greenhouse.

Building a Homemade Plastic Wood Framed Greenhouse

Types of Greenhouse Construction Plans

Free Online Greeenhouse PlansThe first step in learning how to build a greenhouse is learning about the different types of greenhouses.

  • You should select the size and type of greenhouse that you feel most comfortable constructing.
  • For instance, a small lean-to that goes on the side of your house would be a lot easier to put together than a large greenhouse with sliding double doors on the front.


Some of the types of greenhouses that you may want to consider include:

  1. Cold Frame Greenhouses
  2. Cape Cod Greenhouses
  3. Shed Greenhouses
  4. Lean To Greenhouses
  5. Window-Mounted Greenhouses
  6. Growing Rack Greenhouses
  7. Wood Greenhouses
  8. Glass Greenhouses
  9. Plastic Greenhouses
  10. Hoop Greenhouses
  11. ConservatoriesPicture of Homemade Green House Garden


Once you decide a basic type, you will need to determine the size and shape of the greenhouse to be built.

  • This may be determined based on the materials that you can easily access.

Building Plans for the Greenhouse Foundation & Frame

No matter what type of greenhouse plans you decide to follow or whether you want to follow your own lead and design on your own, your first objective will be to build the foundation and the frame.

  • If you make the smallest mistake in this area, you could completely ruin the entire structure.
  • The foundation and frame have to be stable, secure and well designed so that the overall structure is stable through all elements of weather.

Picture of Hobby Greenhouse Base Foundation

If you are following greenhouse building plans, make sure that the foundation and frame instructions are very clear before you start working.

  • Do not cut corners when purchasing the materials.
  • You want the highest quality, most durable materials possible for this area of the structure.
  • Don’t go with old, weathered materials lying around, either.
  • Everything needs to be strong and in the best possible condition.


Building Plans for Greenhouse Foundation and BaseHobby Greenhouse FrameCommercial Greenhouse Frame DesignCommercial Hoop DIY Greenhouse Picture

Portable Plastic DIY Greenhouse DesignSelecting Your Plastic

Most homemade greenhouses are made with plastic covering because it is much easier to install and can be cheaper.

  • If you are making a small cold frame greenhouse, you can get away with using an old window pane or another source of glass.
  • If you are building up a larger greenhouse, then working with plastic will be much easier and faster.


Just keep in mind that there are different types of plastic and some of them are more effective and durable than others.

  • If you choose a more affordable material, you could end up replacing the outer portions of the greenhouse every few years.


Fiberglass is a third option, if you can get a hold of it at an affordable price.

  • You have to select clear, translucent, or transparent fiberglass of very high quality if you go in this direction.


Homemade Plastic Greenhouses


Greenhouse Heating and CoolingHeating/Cooling Needs

Not every greenhouse needs a heater or cooling system.

  • You should purchase a basic thermometer so you can monitor the temperature.
  • You can also design the unit to control the temperature better right from the start.
  • For instance, you can place the greenhouse in an area that gets tons of direct sunlight and use a covering over the roof and sides that will hold in more heat during the colder season.



Following a good greenhouse plan should not be difficult if you have basic building skills, access to all the necessary materials, and solid instructions from a professional.

  • Don’t just use the first free plan you come across.
  • Consider all of your greenhouses needs and make sure your plan comes from a professional that will not steer you wrong.

How to Build a Greenhouse Plans Building a Greenhouse Roof Plans
Greenhouse Plan

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