List of Flowers to Grow in a Greenhouse

List of Flowers to Grow in a Greenhouse

What Flowers Are Most Popular for Growing in Greenhouses?

One of the benefits of having a greenhouse is having the chance to produce blooming plants all year round. With the use of things like lighting and solar heating, you will be able to maintain some of the most exciting flowers that can be found and in many cases, ensure that your garden always has some color. It will be important that you do understand that you will need to keep the temperature and water in your greenhouse regulated to ensure that your plants have the chance to thrive.


Amazon Lilies

The beautiful Amazon Lily flower can reach up to two feet in height, it offers white blossoms that will be very fragrant and help to keep your greenhouse smelling sweet.

⇒ This is a bulb that is tropical by nature and that means you will need to maintain at least 70 degrees in your greenhouse at all times to prevent killing them. In addition to this, you will find that you will have the best results when using containers to grow the Amazon lily in a container.

⇒ Of course, you will also be able to grow other species of lilies in the process. Just make sure that you avoid over watering any of the species of lilies you feature in your greenhouse and that you offer them at least 8 hours of light daily, ensuring that you fill most of this time with natural sunlight when it is possible. This will help to keep them healthy and happy.

Greenhouse Grown Amazon Lilies

African Violets

Anyone looking for a flower that can offer a spray of colors will want to note that African violets can be ideal in your greenhouse.

⇒ You will need to ensure, that you use only low nutrient soil and have a high humidity level, to achieve the best possible results.

⇒ A good idea will be to pick up a growing bench and then allow the violets to have a place to grow and thrive when possible.

⇒ Just make sure that you avoid getting the leaves wet as this can change their appearance.

⇒ A trick that you might want to use when you get a plant you like is to take some leaf cuttings as a way to grow a new plant.

⇒ Unlike other flowers, these plants are reproduced in this manner, rather than a seed that uses a gestation period.


Chenille Plants

While some people are going to be seeking out actual flowers, others will want to consider shrubs and bushes, that they can use to fill their greenhouse.

⇒ One of the choices you will have is the Chenille Plant. This beautiful bush can reach six feet tall and have long cattail flowers that are bright red.

Greenhouse Grown Chenille Plants

Chinese Hibiscus

While the hibiscus can have an absolutely stunning appearance, you will need to ensure that you are doing all you can, to maintain the temperature in your greenhouse, if you plan on planting them.

⇒ The reason is that sudden drops in temperature can cause them to die quickly.

⇒ The Chinese hibiscus will come in a variety of colors like orange, yellow, red, pink, white and more.

⇒ These blooms will reach up to 4 inches across and will perk up your greenhouse for a day.

⇒ However, the flowers on the plant will usually last just 24 hours before they wilt and die.

⇒ A good idea will be to use a nutrient rich soil to get the best possible blossoms and ensure that you water the plant regularly.

 Greenhouse Grown Chinese Hibiscus


Probably one of the most common types of flowers you will find in the greenhouse will be roses.

⇒ The reason is that these plants don’t typically do well in colder weather.

⇒ Because of the cold, rose farmers will house them in units that maintain a steady temperature of anywhere between 70 and 80 degrees.

⇒ Just note that a full day of sunlight is required, for these flowers or at least a bulb, that can simulate the rays for your roses.

⇒ With that, you will also note that the roses you can find are going to come in a variety of styles and each will have its own planting needs.

⇒ A good idea will be to talk to the local nursery to ensure that you know, what you will need to do, to keep these flowers healthy and happy.

⇒ One thing will be ensuring, that you regularly feed them food, that is designed to enhance the flowers that they will produce.

Greenhouse Grown Roses


Orchids are probably the most sensitive flowers you will find. Not only can they not handle weather that is too cold, but they can also die quickly in moderately warmer weather. This is one of the reasons why most are grown in greenhouses. The reason is that the temperature requirements can be maintained and enough light for them can still come through.

⇒ For these flowers, you will want to ensure that you are keeping them at no less than 70 degrees, with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees. At night, you will need to ensure you are dropping the temperature to between 50 and 60 degrees to continue their stimulation.

⇒ By doing all this, you are going to find that you can, successfully, grow an orchid and end up with a plant that does extremely well. You should take note that these plants, will often thrive best in more humid conditions, so you may want to consider this when you are looking at the things you can do to produce the best blooms.

Greenhouse Grown Orchids


There is no doubt that with a little effort on your part, you can successfully grow some of the most popular flowers in your greenhouse.

Just make sure you focus on lighting, soil needs and proper watering to care for these flowers, and you shouldn’t have any problems with them. There is nothing quite like knowing you have a high quality flower to cherish, that you have taken extra care to properly grow based on all the requirements that it will have. In fact, some of the harder to maintain flowers will give you the chance to master your skills and benefit with a beautiful reward.

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  1. Greg Johnson Says:

    I would have to agree with Joel on this list, these are really the easiest and best flowers one can grow using an outdoor structure.

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  2. Marion Says:

    Learning the different kinds and breeds of flowers that can be grown in a greenhouse is an idea-opening experience.

    I am so fond of growing flowers, it relaxes my eyes, lighten up my mood and unwinding my mind.

    After reading this article, I am now preparing my list of flowers to grow in my greenhouse.

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