How to Grow Roses Using Greenhouses in 8 Steps

How to Grow Roses Using Greenhouses in 8 Steps

How to Grow Roses Using Greenhouses in 8 Steps

Growing roses in cool climates (Source: may be difficult as the atmosphere does not provide the warm conditions roses require to survive. In such cases, the best thing to do is grow roses in a greenhouse.

Video Description: Roses are often overlooked as a landscape plant by today’s new gardeners. Why? They probably have the mistaken belief that they’re hard-work and high-maintenance. Reality is if your select the right roses & plant them well they are a reliable, beautiful AND sustainable garden addition. Whether you’re a first-time rose grower or a seasoned gardener you’ll find this short video is packed with tips on how to best plant a rose garden to achieve a blooming brilliant outcome!
How to Grow Big Red Greenhouse Roses

Many types of roses like miniature roses can bloom throughout the year, if you know how to grow them properly in a greenhouse.

In other words, with the right greenhouse dimensions and light saturation levels, it is possible to grow practically any species of rose you desire, using the following 8 steps.

  • First of all, remove all the plants from their individual shipping pots, and free root balls & soil, by tearing at the root clusters.
  • You have to add, fill up and mound up about 1/3 of each of your new pots with fresh potting soil.
  • Place roses in the pots, while draping root clusters over the soil mound, as it helps encourage the growth of healthy new roots.
  • The remaining part of the pots should be filled with soil around the rose plant and its roots, and tamped down slightly. Make sure the soil level is only slightly higher than its level in the shipping pots. Add sufficient water to the soil to moisten it.
  • Use pruning shears to prune roses. Make sure you cut back on all growth, height and width to a height of 3 inches from the main stem, including blooms and buds. All dead branches -those branches that have brown insides when a small piece of its tip is snipped off should be removed.
  • Trim away branches that will block the rose plant’s middle as these branches will only prevent air from circulating through the rose plant as the leaves grow. As branch stubs on the stem leads to regrowth, slice the branch stub or carefully branch off the stem using pruning shears to completely remove branches.
  • Whenever you water your rose plants, make sure you add some high-phosphorus fertilizer that is weakened to ¼ the strength indicated by the manufacturer to the soil. However your greenhouse roses should not be fertilized till you find new growth from leaves, buds or branches.
  • Make sure you maintain a daytime temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a night time temperature no less than 40 degrees in the greenhouse at all times. If you need help in regulating temperature, use the help of grow lights.


Video Title: Roses 2 Go and A Dozen Roses Rose Farm Greenhouse Structure and Growing Environment
Video Description: Wade Mann – rose grower extraordinaire and Managing Director of Roses 2 Go Pty Ltd – explains in depth the greenhouse structure and environment that he grows fresh cut roses hydroponically in.

As rose plants are not exposed to water, air or sunlight when shipping, make sure you immediately transplant the plants to ensure they remain healthy. Always add water and fertilizer to the soil and not plant to avoid damaging roses.

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    Greenhouse grown rose plants are, of course, one of the most important topics within this type of gardening, because roses are extremely difficult & delicate to grow, and make the biggest impact on other people, viewing your garden.

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    Thank you very much for this interesting step-by-step process of growing roses. The demand for flowers like roses are always there, by this step-by-step guide it can help anyone out there who wants to try growing roses for hobby or even business purposes. You can count me in. :)

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