How the hydroponic system works wonders for gardening?

Thu, Apr 3, 2014


How the hydroponic system works wonders for gardening?

Hydroponics, in simple terms, is the process of growing plants using nutrient solutions in the water and not the soil.

With the capability of growing plants and vegetables ten times more than the natural environment, it has become the preferred choice of gardening by the people. This process is neither limited to climate, nor is it affected by weather or seasons. Any fruit, flower or vegetable could be grown anywhere and at any time with the help of hydroponics because the plant adapts itself to any environment in order to grow. In fact, the vegetables and crops can grow more efficiently as there is no use of insecticides and pesticides.

As the population of our planet soars and the land available for crop production declines, hydroponics offers a lifeline of sorts and allows producing crops in greenhouses or buildings dedicated to agriculture. The best part of growing such plants is that they are safe from pollutants such as animal waste and acid rain that could affect outdoor plants and make them unhealthy.

With all these benefits, perhaps you’d like to start a garden so that you can also grow your own vegetables. This post will arm you with the knowledge that you need to successfully set up a hydroponics garden and also provide the information of the plants that can grow readily without making a big investment. Here we go!


How does Hydroponics Work?

Hydroponic gardening has the same set of goals as conventional gardening, but includesHow Hydroponics Systems Work Wonders Gardening a different approach. In nature, soil acts like a sponge for water and nutrients. It holds the water and nutrients within the reach of the plant roots. On the other side, the techniques of hydroponics gardening are different. Hydroponic nutrients are added to the water that is to be provided to the plants. This further enhances the growth procedure of the plants artificially, thereby avoiding the need of soil.


Different types of Media

In hydroponics, every plant is grown in some type of medium. Traditionally, that medium is soil. However, in hydroponics you can use a variety of materials. Perlite is comparatively cheaper and could be used easily because of its lightweight.

Another one is Rockwool, which is a bit expensive, but can work well. It is sterile, porous, made of a limestone that has been spun like cotton candy. Other types of media include sand, gravel, coconut fiber or vermiculite.


Hydroponic Setups


Constant flow solution

This process is similar to immersion, however the solution is constantly moving past the roots of plants.


NFT hydroponics

NFT is an abbreviation for Nutrient Film Technique. It is similar to the constant flow solution, but has one important difference. In this process, the roots have a thin “film” of nutrient solution running in the bottom of the channel.


Ebb and Flow

In Ebb and flow, the plants sit in a water-tight tray. The tray will then flood with nutrient solution on a pre-determined solution. The whole cycle allows the plants intake of water and nutrients. This process can be very helpful for the beginners, as it requires minimal equipment and is compatible with most plants.



It is an advanced hydroponic technique where the roots of the plants reside in “net pots”. This allows the roots to hang down in the open air. Further, the roots are sprayed with nutrient solution, which delivers high-oxygenated solution directly to the plants. The plants grown in Aeroponics can produce amazing results.

Without a doubt, hydroponics is a popular and growing hobby and most people are finding this to be easy, exciting and fun to get started.


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Bency George, a horticulturist and an agro blogger, is always keen to share the latest advancements in agro industry and is an avid researcher on Hydroponic nutrients.

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    Hydroponics is one of the most wonderful process now in gardening. Growing plants from it is really productive. The fact the there’s no need of using pesticides and insecticides is really impressive.

    I want to start hydroponics. Really amazing!

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