Welcome Gardener’s

This blog is called the Greenhouse Gardener’s Heaven, brought to you by EarthCare Greenhouses, and the collected publications of independent and corporate garden bloggers, authors, and media groups!

Why is it called the Gardener’s Heaven?

  • Well, the real question is why isn’t it call it that, every topic and section from mass farming, agriculture, backyard gardening, and horticulture are covered here, and in mass depth.


What can you do here?

  1. Find and read the best articles, tutorials, information, resources, and all content related to gardening.
  2. You can write and submit your own high quality unique articles for publication. Articles will only be approved if they meet all submission guidelines and quality standards.
  3. You can interact with other expert, intermediate, and novice gardeners, asking questions and answering them.
  4. You can share pictures of your garden and of the gardening tools you are using, to share with others and EarthCare is prepared to give 5% off your next purchase, if you buy an item, then set it up, then take pictures of it, and send it over to pictures@earthcaregreenhouses.com!
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