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About Us

About Us: is owned and operated by Segura Trading LLC, a family owned company established in 2004.

The company is based out of Lafayette, LA with our headquarters in Youngsville, LA.

We are the sole manufacturer of the EarthCare lines, which includes every product for sale on this website.

Our company owns and sells our products on a variety of websites, retailers, and stores, to become a partner visit our greenhouse directory for details. We are proud members of the Hobby Greenhouse Association and the National Kids Gardening Association.


Meet the owners of the family business:

Segura Trading LLC
Butch SeguraDina Segura
Founder & Owner - Customer Service Specialist, Wholesale and Retail Trade Commissioner, & Lead Manufacturing Engineer and ArchitectOwner - Customer Service Department Manager, Chief Finance Manager, & Order Processing Assistant
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana United StatesLocation: Lafayette, Louisiana United States
Ernest "Butch" Segura
Stew SeguraWhitney Segura
Owner - Information Technology (IT) Specialist, Web Design Manager, & Chief B2B Consultant

Owner - Internet Marketing Operations, eCommerce Project Manager, & Public Relations Officer

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana United StatesLocation: Milton, Louisiana United States
Stewart A. Segura
Bio: Stewart Segura is a 30 year old technology expert and career IT specialist, and has over 15 years of computer science practice and knowledge.Bio: Whitney Segura is a 26 year old American entrepreneur, who has steadfast dedication to EarthCare greenhouses.

Meet the rest of the staff:

Daniel Snyder

Marion Catubig
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana United StatesLocation: Philippines
Title: Warehousing and Shipping Manager / Chief Manufacturing Project Manager

Title: Online Marketing Director / Lead Blog Manager

Picture coming soon!

Bio: Daniel Synder was voted the 2014 award of employee of the year, at EarthCare greenhouses. He was given this honor, to reward his outstanding work ethics and ability to outpace even the most skilled and experienced employees.

Daniel is the head of warehousing and manufacturing operations. He is one of the most valuable team members at EarthCare, and is now a product designer. His opinion is amung the highest trusted at the company and has been with us since 2010.

"Daniel truly is an A+ team member and person."

- Whitney Segura

Bio: Marion Catubig is one of the oldest team members, having been employed with the Segura Trading company, since 2010. Within the company, he's known for his kindness, undeniable loyalty, passion, dedication, and for being truly good hearted.

He is in charge of on-going internet marketing projects, including managing the EarthCare blog, designing the eCommerce store, managing company social media accounts, and various other important work loads.

"Marion is not only my number one non-local teamate, but I consider him to be amung my closest advisors and trusted friends. I consider myself to be a good judge of character, and even tougher on intellectual demands, when it comes to work. He has surpased what I could ever ask of a co-worker, and I know can count on him to help bring a new era at EarthCare."

- Whitney Segura



Employee's at
Ashley VercherPhil Boyd 
Employee's at
Title: Lead Office Manager and Customer Service CoorespondantTitle: Head Web Design Architec and eCommerce Project Manager 
PicturePicture: Coming Soon! 

Bio: Ashley Vercher is one of the brightest young stars, that's currently, under employment by EarthCare greenhouses. Ashley is known to most customers, authorized EarthCare resellers, and anyone else who sends an inquiry.


"We cannot say enough about him, and our customers feel the same way."

"He has received excellent ratings as a customer service agent, and has even received fan mail, within his employment beginning in 2014. I am proud to call him my co-worker and friend, this is a man we could all learn from."

- Whitney Segura

Bio: Phil Boyd has been with EarthCare greenhouses from the very start, back in April 2011. Since, he has managed the EarthCare website, worked as chief digital designer, and many other notable achievements.


"Phil is loved by the company for his excellence and steadfast dedication to the company."

"Phil is my favorite person in the office, to run to tell the latest news or peice of information I have learned, about a new improvement to EarthCare's website or customer service department. His insight and opinions always re-inforce our ideas, and is truly a valuable team player."

- Whitney Segura


See our warehouse facilities and shipping location:

Warehouse #1 Left Side PictureWarehouse #1 Side Picture

Warehouse #1 Right Side PictureSide Warehouse Container Open

Warehouse Container and Fork Lift in Action

Inside of Main Warehouse #1Plastic Thermomolding Manufacturing Company in Youngsville, Louisiana

Home Greenhouse Kits: Drop Ship Wholesaler WarehouseGardening Products Stored Inside Warehouse

Warehouse Stored Plastics for Manufacturing

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